10 foods you should eat to fight fatigue


Although many times we can explain the fatigue that invades us due to daily obligations, the stress they generate or the few hours of sleep, there are also cases in which none of these situations occur and, even so, we feel exhausted. This is why here are some foods to fight fatigue.

In these circumstances, it is very likely that a poor diet is taking place, which manages to avoid the feeling of hunger, but is not enough to meet the nutrient needs that the body demands.

Therefore, the right time to incorporating anti-fatigue foods into your diet, taking advantage of the fact that they are very varied and easy to include in your recipes.

While a balanced diet can guarantee that we are eating as we should, to make sure you are safer we are going to compile up to 10 anti-fatigue options that you should consider now.

10 foods that provide large amounts of energy


A must-try for almost everyone, their oily characteristics that provide healthy fats make them ideal to start the day with everything. They are even an excellent alternative as a snack or for those moments between meals.


Victims of the bad historical press, consuming them in moderation helps prevent deficiencies of important minerals and vitamins.

Dark chocolate

Rich in magnesium, chocolate – and the purer the cocoa the better – is an excellent ally to get a hit of energy just when you think you are not giving more. It is among the foods to fight against fatigue.


Classics in Spanish gastronomy, legumes bring with them basic proteins in their healthy versions, which we should never underestimate.


This fruit, which has been all the rage for years, has an extraordinary balance of healthy fats, although you shouldn’t overdo it because of its high calorie content.

Green vegetables

Spinach, broccoli or asparagus are just three of the vegetables of this color that will fill your body with vitamin B9 and C, to absorb the energy of fats.


Whole or in juice, oranges reinforce the functioning of the immune system, thanks to their status as vitamin C and potassium agents.


Famous for its potassium, the body assimilates it easily, and it is a great companion for both children and athletes, who value its practicality.


The popular fruit and cereal mix is ​​all energy, and it pays to pair it with yogurt to start the day or before lunch.


This source of protein of high biological value is essential for those who are training, and an absolutely versatile solution for your kitchen.

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